I honestly don’t know what to do anymore. People want me to get better but it’s only holding me back by doing this to me. It’s killing me. My muse doesn’t even want to do anything anymore because of this. I always feel like I am in the wrong no matter what I do or say so I’m cautious, I’m short and I don’t want to be anymore. And when I’m not…it doesn’t work. 

Because no one needs me anymore, as I was just told.

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#ooc #i neeed you guys #i need my friends #please #i hate begging but please
  1. archangel-dimmock said: // that is not true. I need you because you are a friend. You were there keeping me company last night on Skype. I appreciate that. *hugs*
  2. fightingforthecommongood said: //Posting indirect stuff isn’t helping anyone love, you need to talk to people, talk to whoever is causing you problems and making you sad.
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