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Thank you to the couple people for RPing Salem’s birthday. I forgot last night and I would have made a big post about it but it was too late when I went to bed.

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samwessonsmith inquired:

"Baby, please I'm so sorry." Sam choked, "Tell me what I need to do. What do you want me to do?" Sam begged.



"Sam? What’s going on? Why are you acting like this?"

Sam blushed, feeling slightly embarrassed. He didn’t hear his lover’s preference. “Oh I’m sorry baby I didn’t hear you.” Sam rolled them to where Salem was underneath his muscular body. He loved the fact that h can have a chance in protecting, loving someone once more.

"Anything you want Salem. I’ll top for you Salem I’m sorry…" Sam lubed up a finger and slowly sunk in inside Salem’s tight heat.

"It’s okay, I just really need you Sam." Salem pulled him down so their naked bodies melded together. He wrapped his arms and legs around him, feeling Sam’s cock slid between his legs and right up against his ass. "Oh fuck, yeah I need you so bad."

He bucked against his hips, moaning softly as a finger slid inside him. He clenched around him briefly and then began to slowly move down against the digit.  ”Sam…”

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[passed out meme] Ry was at work when he started feeling a little strange. It didn't hurt or anything, but it wasn't a good sensation. That was when he felt through his bond and began to panic. He couldn't feel his mate! So he gave some excuse to leave and immediate went home to the cabin. Once he arrived home and entered the cabin, he saw Salem on the floor. He rushed over to his mate and began to use his Grace. "Salem! Please! Wake up!"



Salem could feel a disturbance in his pregnant grace. Uncomfortable and occasional pain. He tried to ignore it so he could continue doing the sweeping like he planned. When he was done the kitchen, he went to go sweep the stone mudroom. A wave of dizziness plagued the boy and he collapsed to the floor. 

It felt like seconds had passed when Ry arrived, shaking him awake. Salem sat up and felt the Grace push against his being. “Ry….Ry, he’s coming.”

Ry kissed Salem on the temple, and nuzzled into his mate’s side. He would do anything to make sure that the young man would be as comfortable as possible during this process. “You’re welcome, cor meum,” he whispered in the other’s ear.

"I wouldn’t be anywhere else, love," the archangel remarked as he kept his Grace up and caressing Salem’s. He could feel that the little one was getting close to being born and let his Grace wrap the little fledgling up. "I can’t wait myself, and he will be born very soon. I can feel it." He saw the happy tear flow down the hybrid’s cheek and wiped it away gently. "Yes, we will know as soon as we see him. As for work, I had already let them know that we were expecting a new child through a surrogate of sorts. I had already thought about it so no worries."

Ry suddenly felt a spike in his Grace and knew immediately that their son was about to be born. He readied the blanket that he had made with the combined feathers from their wings. “He’s coming love…”

Salem began to sweat bullets. It was hard to restrain his Grace as it moved around the little fledgling, who decided to become fussy and move around. He was ready to be born, Salem could feel it. “I never knew this was possible but now that it is, I’m so happy and excited to know he is ours. Now do you think this happened? I never knew Grace could hold a baby.”

Suddenly a sharp pain through Salem’s grace made him gasp, head tossed back. “He’s…RY!” Salem closed his eyes and he focused on letting his Grace do what it needed to do, despite it feeling like it was going to explode any second now. With a blinding light, Salem covered his face and his Grace snapped back to it’s original place, feeling normal now. A soft rustle of feathers and a baby’s coo alerted the hybrid and he looked down at the pale, little baby in the middle of the blue and balck blanket. He had Ry’s soft hair and nose with Salem’s lips. The wings were ombre, black fading to a blue. “Ry…look at him.” Salem scooped up the fledgling, wrapping his tiny body in the blanket and kissed the top of his head. “He’s so beautiful.”

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He comes to a halt in the parking lot of the fair, blushing lightly at the others comments. The boy does realize that he might be going a bit overboard with this, but he had lost a lot of people and saw a lot of people having no family to love them, he felt as if it was time to do something about it. ” No problem at all. It’s like family dinner for us, and now for you, so just pretend it really is. There might be cake if Melissa has enough time. 

Salem definitely saw the blushing cheeks but made no comment about it. Instead he grinned at him, giving him that knowing look that he had seen the colour on his face. “It’ll be great. I’m very excited.” Clapping Stiles on the shoulder he got out of the car and the scent of fair food hit him immediately. Fried bread dough, burgers, all the sugary treats. It smelled really good. “Do you do any of the rides at the fair?” Salem asked when Stiles joined him outside.

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Balthazar smiled as he watch his husband look around from inside the helicopter with eyes that twinkled with excitement. “Well love, I had some  connections and money wasn’t the issue.” He told Salem as the other nuzzled closer to him as the helicopter descended to make its landing. “I love you so much as well darling.” 

Once the helicopter settled, Salem practically dragged Balthazar out of the helicopter and made his way along the path that lead to the bungalow surrounded foliage and sand. Smiling he pulled on Salem’s hand lightly reminding him that there wasn’t a need to rush anything. 

"You and your connections," joked Salem. Either way, they were on their own private island for an entire week after their beautiful wedding reception and that was what mattered. The helicopter lowered and Salem’s heart rate sped up and he could have leaped out the open door if it was possible. Salem turned to kiss Balthazar’s cheek. 

The helicopter landed and after thanking the pilot, Salem was just eager to explore til he felt Balthazar’s hand tug him back. He stopped in the middle of the walkway. “Ahh, sorry. I’m so excited.” Salem took Balthazar’s other hand so he could lean up and kiss his lips. “Thank you, so much.”

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Biting the inside of his cheek nervously, Owen had decided not to comment when it came to the statement of this whole ordeal being a adrenaline rush. Despite the hunter trying to play it off, he could tell they were close to breaking down just by his sensitives ears deciphering the traces of hysteria lingering within their tone. It was still a new feeling honestly, knowing someone better than you practically knew yourself. Needless to say, he felt bad about the things had that had transpired at the warehouse, blaming himself for everything that had happened. . Remaining silent, the skinwalker eventually curled up into a ball in the passenger side seat and rested his forehead against the cool glass window. Flash images of this evenings events kept plaguing his mind no matter how hard he tried to keep his thoughts elsewhere. Never had he fought so many others of his kind before at. Truth be told, doubts of being able to win had been present during the time. Hell, he’d even thought he’d die at one point. However, it would seem he was far stronger than the average skin walker. Why this was, he had no idea, but he was certainly thankful for it. Now that the Alpha skinwalker was out for his head though, he’d have to be even more careful and vigilant. 

Moreover, it wasn’t just his own safety he had worry about anymore, seeing as he had Salem too. That being said, the blond was confidant enough that they’d be able to take on anything the enemy happened to throw at them, as long as they were together. When he felt the heat begin to effect his body, his taut muscles began to relax as sleepiness made his eyelids flutter half closed with exhaustion. Catching a comment about the scent of the dried blood, he’d almost nodded off and jerked awake, ultimately mumbling an apology for the smell. The quicker the couple got home to take a shower the better. To sum it all up, the sensation of being coated in dirt and drying blood was extremely unpleasant. It made his skin itch irritably, and the scent kept the beast within brimming at the surface, threatening to come out once more. Once they’d finally arrived at Salem’s apartment, Owen had heaved out a sigh of relief, grunting softly as he tried to make his aching muscles work. Shifting took quite the toll on his body, and the numerous bites on his arms along with legs weren’t making matters any easier for him. At least the wounds were nearly done healing though, which was the first good sign of news so far. 

Gaze darting around the parking lot looking for any prying human eyes, the skinwalker had ultimately latched onto Salem’s hand when he was practically dragged out of the car towards the apartment. Luckily for them, nobody had seemed to be around to witness the little getaway of theirs. Standing there obediently in the bathroom only mere moments later, Owen had slipped into the shower without a fuss, a soft rumble of content forming deep within his chest as the hot water had cascaded over him, gradually washing away the gore of tonights events. Finally turning around to face Salem behind him, his features had instantly softened whilst his heart had clenched with dread at the expression they were sporting. “Hey… Hey…” Tone utterly soft and soothing, Owen had gingerly reached out for the other male when he’d spotted the tears trailing down their face. Pulling Salem towards his broad chest, their bodies had soon molded together perfectly all the while he’d slowly wrapped those large muscular arms around them into a protective cocoon prior to peppering kisses all over his lovers face. “I’m sorry babe, it’s okay now. We’re okay now.” Bringing a hand up, the blond started to lovingly comb his fingers through their silky hair as he continued to hold the hunter. The feel of his lovers warm body against his own suddenly made those tired electric blue eyes of his become more lively. Resting his sensual lips closely beside Salem’s right ear, his voice had taken on a husky tone as he spoke once. “I need you so badly. I want to touch you and hear that intoxicating voice of yours scream out my name.” Regardless of being tired, he needed this more than anything else right now.  He needed to know that they were truly here, and all this wasn’t some cruel dream. “I love you more than anything else. Never forget that.. We’re in this together now.” Burying his stubbly cheeking into the crook of their neck, he waited for some sort of sign that what he wanted was okay. 

Salem thought he was going to get away with crying in the shower til he had heard Owen’s voice. Strong, protective arms went around him and lips were peppered all over his face. He lost it. A broken whimper slipped from Salem and he buried his face against Owen’s muscular chest. Everything rushed at him at once, overwhelming him with all kinds of emotions. Salem let out another sob. Owen was safe, he was safe. The guys were dead but not without instilling a fear in Salem his lover might have been ambushed or Owen actually attacking him. 

That was an odd thing. Salem should have been scared of Owen’s bear form, with big claws and deadly teeth that could rip him to shreds in an instant. Putting those thoughts aside, Salem had approached the deadly creature without an ounce of fear. On any normal circumstance, he would have run. It also made Salem wonder if there was a deeper connection than just love for Owen because in his heart, he knew no matter what happened, Salem would come back and still be completely in love with him.

The mouth against his ear made Salem shiver depsite the hot water. His body needed Owen to. He wanted to feel their skin together, the pleasure shooting through his body all from Owen. Salem pulled back to look at the baby blue eyes and nodded. “I need you, Owen,” he whispered. His body heated against Owen’s muscled torso, fingers trailing up his back to pull him down for a kiss, deepening it by letting his tongue slid against the blond’s. After he’d explain his break down to Owen but not now, not when they need each other to make them forget about what happened tonight. “Make me forget my name as I come,” breathed the human, teeth nipping Owen’s lip.

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locked outside your apartment in your underwear and have to ask your cute neighbor for help au.

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Anonymous inquired:

Stop fucking going to my friends and spreading rumors when it is you who is a manipulative wreckage. Grow up, Salena, and stop your lies.

Okay, okay I was going to dismiss this really stupid message because it’s obvious who you are. Annie still follows you and she sent me your stupid little OOC message.

Who ever is telling your partners that is NOT me. I couldn’t care less who you roleplay with because you are in the past. It’s great you’ve got amazing partners but please, I’m not that low to talk shit about people. And on anon! Are you for real?

After hearing what you really thought of me after blaming me for the downfall, I dropped any remorse of the lost friendship and moved on. Like an adult.

I could easily say some things here, I could post our conversation, especially the last one where I apparently “flipped out” when I specifically stated I had a cold and was sick. But you know, I won’t because it’ll only fuel your unnecessary hatred. Now please, leave me alone unless you want to speak to me like an adult. And not on anon. Because let’s face it, this is utterly childish. 

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all the symbols yo Seth wants to know everything

It’s gunna be under the cut because it’s looooooooong

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Tag a QUALITY blog, You’re it! Quality doesn’t mean that you have a lot of followers, or a lot of messages. It means that you’re nice to other people, and you deserve to be happy. If you get this message, someone is telling you that they love you as you are, and they don’t care how much followers you have. Send this to 10 blogs who deserve it. If you break the chain, nothing will happen. But it’s just good to let someone know that you love them!



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